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VoxBrief1605 page1 min

The dangers of redefining marriage: VoxBrief, May 2016, by Dr David van Gend.


"Redefining marriage is a dangerous idea. It redefines everything from parenting and kinship bonds to sexual morality and acceptable religious doctrine." 


The dangers of redefining marriage

VoxBrief1602 page1 minThe school bullying problem: VoxBrief, February 2016, by Ros Phillips.


"Children are bullied for many reasons – none of which should be tolerated in our schools.

"The Safe Schools Coalition Australia purports to be an anti-bullying program – but it actually leads to the bullying of those who oppose its radical ideology."


The school bullying program


VoxBrief1508 page1 min

The meaning of marriage: why the US Supreme Court got it wrong: VoxBrief, August 2015, edited by Ros Phillips.


"The decision usurps the constitutional right of the people to decide on the legal meaning of marriage."


The meaning of marriage


VoxBrief1511 page1 min

The truth about transgenderism: what every parent needs to know: VoxBrief, November 2015, edited by Ros Phillips.


“There is no convincing evidence that children with gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria are born that way.”


The truth about transgenderism


VoxBrief 2009 05 the transgender problem

The ‘transgender’ problem: VoxBrief, May 2009, edited by Ros Phillips.


Modern doctors and scientists do not yet fully understand the complex causes or the most effective treatment for those with gender identity disorders. However the best evidence confirms what the Bible teaches – God created us as two sexes: male and female.
Those who, for whatever reason, feel unhappy with their biological sex deserve our compassion and help rather than surgical mutilation, which they may later deeply regret.


The ‘transgender’ problem


VoxBrief1105 same sex marriage

The case against same-sex marriage: VoxBrief, May 2011, by Bill Muehlenberg.


“Homosexual marriage is simply an oxymoron. There are many reasons why this move to destory marriage must be resisted. Here are some of them.”


The case against same-sex marriage


VoxBrief1302 Marriage Myths

Eight modern myths about marriage: VoxBrief, February 2013, by Kevin Andrews.


“The current research provides many insights for how individuals and couples can be more careful and thoughtful in their relationship behaviour in ways that are protective of themselves and their future aspirations.”


Eight modern myths about marriage


rp 200708 child mum dad UPDATED VOXBRIEF

Why every child needs a mum and a dad: VoxBrief, August 2007, edited by Ros Phillips.


“During a public hearing arranged by the federal Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC – now called the Human Rights Commission) for its 2006 inquiry into same-sex couple entitlements, a woman was giving evidence.

All was calm until she said: “I believe that every child has the right to grow up with both a mother and a father role model.” The room immediately erupted in fury. “Homophobe!” cried homosexuals in the audience.”


Why every child needs a mum and a dad


VoxBrief1208 homosexual healthrisks

Homosexuality: the health risks: VoxBrief, August 2012, by Ros Phillips.


“In 1994, a NSW regional newspaper published a letter to the editor from a doctor who outlined medical problems disproportionately linked with male homosexual activity. They included HIV/AIDS and anal cancer.”


Homosexuality: the health risks


VoxBrief1202 homosexuals born that way

Are homosexuals born that way?: VoxBrief, February 2012, by Dr David Phillips.


“Rejoice and love yourself today
Cause baby you were born this way
No matter gay, straight, or bi
No matter black, white or beige
I was born this way hey!” - Lady Gaga


Are homosexuals born that way?


rp 200008 gender agenda males females

The gender agenda: are males and females born or made?: Resouce Paper, August 2000, edited by Babette Frances.


“The nature versus nurture debate on whether it is biology or environment that causes human beings to choose certain roles and lifestyles is a perennial controversy in sociobiology, but since the seventies the debate has been extended to whether nurture, ie culture, can override biology and be a determinant of sex itself. This paper critiques the “gender agenda” of contemporary feminism and the politicization of the word “gender” as a substitute for the sex of a person.”


The gender agenda


rp 198505 The natural roles of men and women

The Natural Roles of Men and Women: Resouce Paper, May 1985, by Dr W. Peter Blitchington.


“Confusion reigns today about whether there ARE natural sex roles of men and women. Some deny any differences between the sexes in outlook, attitudes and ambitions. Others feel there are fundamental differences but lack proof.”


The Natural Roles of Men and Women